Simple Feedback Form

Welcome! We provide feedback form for your website. To get started all you need to do is sign up, copy the code shown on your account's dashboard and paste it into your website's code. Note that we have a free plan which has 150 feedback entries a month, if you need more entries you can always upgrade or alternatively you can get the code and host your own version for free and have as many submissions as you want!

You can customize the open button & feedback form's background color through your account's settings page. Also, regarding notifications you can choose to get an email every time your feedback form is submitted and you, also, get a notification if only a few submissions are left on your plan (to do with the free plan).

Also, our feedback form does not contain any branding. Feel free to add your own branding with JavaScript and CSS.

Our feedback form service is: simple, fast, open-source.

How it works? You just login/sign up into our website copy the code shown on your dashboard into your website's code and then you'll see a little button with a question mark appear on your website. Click the button and the form will appear.

This is how the form looks by default:

Feedback Form Closer Screenshot

Here is a wide view of the form:

Feedback Form Screenshot